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The chart shows the generally accepted levels of caffeine for each category of tea.

However, studies have shown that some blacks have less caffeine than greens.  Since most teas have not been tested for their caffeine levels then we need to take these ranges with a grain of salt.

Suffice it to say that tea has less caffeine than coffee.  Matcha will have the most, around 120mg, since the entire leaf is being consumed.  This will equal a regular cup of coffee.

A note about yerba mate -  In South America, this herb is typically consumed by adding approximately 5 tbs (or about 1oz. of leaf) to a gourd so the caffeine content is high.  One study showed that if you use 5g of mate, then the caffeine is around 17mg. similar to green tea.

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Western Method

Tea: for a cup use a level teaspoon, for a mug use a heaping teaspoon

Herbals:  use 2 teaspoons or a tablespoon per cup/mug

Per the Brits: one teaspoon per person and one for the pot after rinsing it with hot water

The Asian method would be to rinse the leaves first, called 'awakening of the leaf', then do several short steeps:

Brew / Times
1st  20 secs     2nd  10 secs     3rd  10 secs     4th  10 secs    5th   20 secs     6th  30 secs     7th  40 secs     8th  60 secs

But remember, its a personal preference - find what works for you!