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Herbals or Tisanes

(French, tee-zahn.  (Click for pronunciation)

Definition of TISANE : an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects. Tisane is now used as a catch phrase for any concoction that is infused i.e. steeped or left in liquid over a period of time.

Aaaah, that soothing cup of camomile tea before bedtime, so relaxing!  But many don't know that there is no tea at all in this beverage, as we understand tea to be.  Instead, it's referred to as a tisane, herbal or an infusion. Typically, tisanes are caffeine free and consist of any combination of fruit, berries, petals, flowers, buds, roots, bark, stems and leaves of edible plants.  They may also have natural flavors added to the bouquet, in the form of essences or oils. 

More recently, Americans have begun to enjoy a leaf grown only in the Cederberg district of South Africa.  We call this'red tea' or rooibos.  Rooibos lends itself to wonderful pairings with natural oils and flavorings.  Also from the same region, and a member of the same legume family, you may want to try honeybush, which is a sweeter version of rooibos.

One aspect of providing components for personal blending at the store, is that the herbal section is growing considerably, primarily from customer requests.  Some of the ingredients we now carry include:  Anise and fenugreek seeds, lemon peel, sarsaparilla root, lemongrass, lemon balm; elderberries, goji berries, hibiscus, lavender, rosebuds, rose hips and red clover along with licorice and valerian root.  Just to name a few. 

There are two simple methods for extracting the active constituents of herbs:  Infusions - by pouring boiling water over the herbs (typically parts of the plants above ground) and allowing to steep for a while and decoctions - by simmering in water for a period of time (typically roots and bark)

Even if tea is not to your liking, you will love our fruit and herb drinks, wonderful either hot or cold.  Perfect for children and make amazing ice pops.  What better than sun dried lemon peel to make that jug of lemonade.  It tastes so good, you won't need much sugar!  A healthy treat for that long hot summer. 

For a long list of herbs and their purported benefits, click on 'List of Herbs'.

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