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It is important to point out any possible adverse affects from drinking tea, as well as the possible benefits.

One woman developed brittle bones and lost her teeth from drinking 100-150 teabags per day, giving her a daily consumption of over 20mg of fluoride (the norm is 4mg for adults) and a condition named osteofluororosis.

Some people cannot tolerate caffeine.  This leaves them feeling anxious, having panic attacks and difficulty sleeping.  With others, they get a feeling of nausea, bthis can be caused by drinking tea on an empty stomach.

Other studies have found that drinking tea too hot may cause esophageal cancer, although it would be safe to say drinking anything too hot would do the same.  Another study found that drinking over 7 cups of tea a day may contribute to prostate cancer. 

Caffeine is a mild diuretic and can cause dehydration.

Purported Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits

We cannot confirm the accuracy of some of these statements and, in fact, believe that for some studies it's possible that rigorous scientific standards were not followed.   

Some are folklore tales passed down through the generations (which doesn't make it untrue).  But it is important you do your own research.

Disclaimer:    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

White tea has health benefits, such as:

Weight loss

Anti bacterial

Anti viral

Fights aging

Bone health

Pu-erh tea has health benefits, such as:

Mental Alertness

High Cholesterol

Protects heart and blood vessels

Weight Loss

Oolong tea has health benefits, such as:

Weight loss

Heart disease

Slowing aging

Blood pressure

Stress relief

Skin problems

Blood sugar

Black tea has health benefits, such as:

Diabetes Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Reduces risk of stroke

Healthier teeth and bones

Green tea has health benefits, such as:
Prevents colds
Lowers cholesterol
Helps with infections
Prevents bad breath
Relieves fatigue
Relieves stress
Helps to relieve arthritis
Reduces risk of stroke
Delays signs of aging
Prevents blood clotting
Burns calories